The foot palm reader

Gazing into the soles of your soul.

10 cent workout

Count to 1000.

Do any exercise you like.

Mix it up and get better.

Work out on your own dime.


It’s all clear now,
Live in the now,
Kick the fake worries to the future and never see them again.

A dream involved sitting with some unknown friends on a sidewalk, including a young man whom a young woman called “sweet” before leaving. And I thought that’s a death sentence for the heart, whether he realizes it or not then. Other than that, I think the sun was coming up.


I need that energy yo
I need that get up and go
I need that great growing flow
… you know
(And then it hits)

Chasing the night rainbow

A different kind of seeing stars.

Jake the chatting cat

Is a catty cat
Best friend is a bat
Scourge is a rat
Occasionally likes to eat
Sometimes oats with notes of barley
Has been known to chew qat
Goes to a wat
Used to use the phrase homey don’t play dat
Holds no claims to be fat
Never supported the GATT
Doesn’t like wearing a hat
Exercises his lat
Walks across the blue mat
Gives the dog a pat
Detests Matt the rat
On a radiator is where he sat
Of his mom he inked a tat
Doesn’t like fake words like yat or smat


Pour the Courvoisier cause I got my dossier.

Self help books for kids

Coming soon to a bookstore near you:

  • You’re kidding: 21 ways to a more impactful childhood
  • Wake up kid: your youth is fading
  • Wasted youth no more
  • Self-start: for kids with shitty parents


The Goodbye Party

Mark and Kelly said goodbye to the money and a displeased Mr. Pepmore. Perhaps they decided to deny their recent woes and fate, or being near each other ignited their feelings of safety.

Either way, they happily walked out the Union Square Hotel holding hands and skipping some times. They simply enjoyed each other’s company.

Their carefree affection stopped for a moment while Kelly fished for her MetroCard , but otherwise bliss continued in the subway station and on the L out to the Graham stop in Williamsburg.

Above ground, Mark and Kelly sauntered along affectionately.

They stopped off at a bodega realizing they needed to bring something. Read More »

Fightin’ words

Fightin’ words, that’s what you heard.

If I survive tonight, then I’ll be all right.

But words are proud, and I say them loud.

They’re fightin’ words, that’s why you hurt.