A scared cat driven mad by its curiosities steps daintily over broken words, promising to those afflicted: never again. Hands idle close by.


Smack! The black-backed jackal pack attacked a yak for a tasty snack.

Moo moo

Two red hooped earrings look to hold up a big mop hidden under a matching red braided hat. Light nose, green shawl and yellow moo moo.

Misplaced heart

A heart like no other nor scientifically accurate, it pulses in life through a bounty of bursting colors. Hues of purple, orange, red and green long for love.

The seen

Left eye hovering above a distressed butterfly lingering close to a bygone scarab and pyramid. Right angle measures the meticulous tower fit together by rock upon rock of misshapen stones. A cracked tambourine hustles to its next gig catching dreams.

Wrong way arrow

An arrow flies over the head of a straight lipped parson with unkempt hair and wide brim hat staring into the eye of a misplaced octopus in front of a still bow.


A thick-hipped dancer dodges a blobby ball containing a DNA double helix model, long 3D rectangle, and an 8 looking at a 6.

Two cardinals

Two cardinals play drums in front of a shining diamond.

Blue-eyed birds

Two blue-eyed birds with with red bodies and brown wings and tails fly effortlessly below through dark blue clouds. Storms ahead appear assured.

Ned said

Silver-eyed, heart-faced alien with T-shaped antennas, yellow skin and stick-like feet with pointy ears and a straight grin, or was it a grimace or a smize? That’s what Ned described to anyone who listened about what he saw that night. 

People say Ned never walked the same.