Ned said

Silver-eyed, heart-faced alien with T-shaped antennas, yellow skin and stick-like feet with pointy ears and a straight grin, or was it a grimace or a smize? That’s what Ned described to anyone who listened about what he saw that night. 

People say Ned never walked the same.


Triangular mountain peaks shaded to varying degrees of gray horizontal lines.

This land

Green, silvery jellyfish beached on pure white sands beset by a giant rainbow colored snail hurtling towards a triangular purple and blue butterfly floating in a dark sky cut by prying eyes of a lost soul above a peeking golden elephant right of a rug catching the fading rays of an auburn sun never comfortable with this land.

Point of fact

It’s about time the minion soldier beats the action hero.




A spongy star rides a shiny black plastic pen full of ink for pouring out ideas. A camouflaged writing implement fails its purpose, sadly standing out from the grainy brown stained wood built for working. Cheap lollipops lounge on beige masking tape near a blue mousepad supporting a box of 5000 silver metal staplers ready to be loaded as ammunition into the strategically placed stapler. Pink adhesive post notes wait for a message, scribble or note to occupy their bare layer, ready to stick to anything valid, hoping to avoid the permanent slaughter if lost to the rubbish bin. A box of No. 10 Self-Sealing Security Envelopes lingers wondering if they will be the one successfully carried to literary agents and publishers, or will it only survive briefly as an SASE ready to be ripped up in frustration by its anticipating recipient?


My retirement plan is watching driftwood come ashore. I reckon some days I’ll have to float some wood myself to stay entertained.

The law

The law is only respected if you believe in it, and usually the law requires fear. If you can get beyond that fear, then you are free to do what you want, at least as the law will allow…

Absolutely, not

Yes, yeah, maybe, kinda, sorta, not really, naw, no!

Swiss Sundays

No smartphones and creative activities like:

Butter making, pasta making, painting , sculpture, crochet, cheese making, baking, pizza, gardening, woodcarving, riddle writing, flower arranging, hair braiding, candle making with honey, basket making, still life water colors, food pairings, etc.

Great sounds

When the water goes back and the rocks roll down: crash in again.