Birds at the beach fighting over fish – survival

There’s shit all over the beach here because of the birds. The birds shit everywhere as they fly, swoop and swoosh in from every which way in the hopes of capturing a fish in between landing boats and loading trucks right on the sand as the tide rolls out. Read More »

Save the fish eat more lobster

Reliable evidence suggests that the main reason the Vikings discovered Greenland and stopped off in North America was a quest for cod. All over the globe the populations of traditionally edible fish have dramatically declined. Current catches bring in undersized fish and smaller yields. I’m not just talking about Charlie the Tuna and saving the Dolphins. Read More »


The waves are calm, the sun is refreshing, the beach is stunning
– but the true beauty of this vacation is in the smiles we exchange. Read More »

Rawvolution Solution

Rawolution in Alphabet City offers all things raw and healthy and the opportunity to seize on a lifestyle choice. Ok let’s face it, the name is terrible, and the hippie logo of two naked people kissing may not attract people who like to bathe. Read More »

Snus gets snuffed out in the Old Country

The European Court of Justice recommended continuing a twelve-year ban on Snus in the European Union until a permanent law can take effect.  What is Snus you ask?  Snus is a form of snuff tobacco placed in the upper lip made in Sweden.  The expression “Stiff upper lip” does not derive from Snus, though stereotypically Scandinavians have a reputation for being reserved.Read More »