Rawvolution Solution

Rawolution in Alphabet City offers all things raw and healthy and the opportunity to seize on a lifestyle choice. Ok let’s face it, the name is terrible, and the hippie logo of two naked people kissing may not attract people who like to bathe. However, this café and retail store is fairly unique for the area and worth a try sometime. Sticking with a raw diet promises improved hydration, nutrition and enzyme levels. Seating is minimal, which encourages orders to go. Some of the foods include the superfood soup, green dragon wrap and a sloppy joe made of walnuts. Rawvolution also sells a variety of raw sundries and supplements. Plus patrons can sign up for, The Box, a weekly delivery service, perhaps so one can avoid that crusty feeling. Rawvolution doesn’t bring the heat, but that’s actually a good thing.

Author’s Note: I wrote this review for Wcities in November 2011. Between 2007 and 2012, I wrote more than 200 bar and restaurant reviews. Overall it was a great experience and a fun freelance gig, plus Wcities paid on time. Usually I would submit and wouldn’t get much feedback, except to see that the content was sold on and posted on various travel sites. Anyway for this one, I was told it was funny, but too opinionated, so I don’t think it ever made it onto the worldwide web, and sadly I now see that Rawvolution has permanently closed.

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