Treasure Robber

A skull’s decay emerged through the shifting dirt, as Gerald deftly managed the shovel. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Careful and steady, but fast. Daylight was coming and the security guards, despite their general stupor, would be more observant with the rays of light. It was cutting it close as it was. Dawn neared and he’d been up all night searching for this plot on this ancient land. The local who’d sold him the map was correct indeed. The bodies were here. It was too sacred for the local man to destroy, but Gerald didn’t care. He was there for the promise of gold and exotic stones. Heavy items created by some forgotten artisan, all belonging in a museum, but ideally to be sold and fenced to someone else to do with what they liked, perhaps a private collection or a smelter. Gerald didn’t care. Bottom line was the money he would get.

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