Treasure Robber

A skull’s decay emerged through the shifting dirt, as Gerald deftly managed the shovel. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Careful and steady, but fast. Read More »

A Cup of Coffee

“You don’t want any cream or sugar,” Clancy asked Chuck after being served coffee by a waitress at Mike’s Diner off the Ditmars stop in Astoria, Queens.

“I like my coffee like I like my women,” Chuck said.

“How’s that?”

“Hot and black.”Read More »

In the sticks

The car died along a lonely road fifty miles from anywhere. The frustrated driver got out of the car after banging the steering wheel with his hands and yelling a number of expletives.Read More »

Save the fish eat more lobster

Reliable evidence suggests that the main reason the Vikings discovered Greenland and stopped off in North America was a quest for cod. All over the globe the populations of traditionally edible fish have dramatically declined. Current catches bring in undersized fish and smaller yields. I’m not just talking about Charlie the Tuna and saving the Dolphins. Read More »

The Hun and the Vandals

“Stop kicking that sculpture. It’s a piece of art that someone obviously spent a lot of time on and what did it ever do to you?”

“Fuck man, c’mon let’s break some more shit!”Read More »

Help! My son got a facial tattoo!

An Unanswered Letter to Advice Columnist Sandra Maldonado of Scarsdale Parent Quarterly

RE: Help! My son got a facial tattoo!Read More »


The waves are calm, the sun is refreshing, the beach is stunning
– but the true beauty of this vacation is in the smiles we exchange. Read More »

Hit Me

giraffe hit meOn a coast in a land down by the beach the waves crash with a mighty roar. A man in a tuxedo sits on the coarse sand alone looking towards the ocean while taking a pull from an over priced bottle of bubbly. Occasionally he takes a puff from a big fat cigar gnawed and wet at the tip. His thoughts run deep wondering why. Toiling over and over again the previous night’s events he cannot find an answer to his actions. How could he have killed that giraffe? Read More »

Rawvolution Solution

Rawolution in Alphabet City offers all things raw and healthy and the opportunity to seize on a lifestyle choice. Ok let’s face it, the name is terrible, and the hippie logo of two naked people kissing may not attract people who like to bathe. Read More »