The strange man behind the mask

Close to dawn, a figure emerged from a darkened street in Hell’s Kitchen wearing all black. It appeared to be a man, but with the dark clothing it was hard to discern from a distance. His features were unrecognizable. He wore a balaclava to mask his face along with opaque aviator sunglasses to hide any expression. Atop his head a skullcap and heavy hood covered his head creating deep shadows. A long trench coat, black jeans, gloves and combat boots completed his dark ensemble. Strapped to his back was a black backpack and behind him rolled a small piece of carry-on luggage that he’d handcuffed to his left wrist.

He walked quickly wondering if he’d gotten away with his misdeeds. Oh the deep pleasure he took from his actions. He felt a lovely sense of exhilaration and his heart raced with adrenaline. Several times he paused to look back and make sure no one followed. Soon he came upon Times Square. The brightness from the numerous lights overhead and the hustling people ready to start a new day made him nervous. Yet in a way he believed he was more empowered as never before and could do what he wanted if need be. Even for New York he looked rather conspicuous with what he wore, but no one seemed to pay him any attention. Even the cop that he passed on his way down into the subway barely gave him a glance.

He struggled with the bag down the steps. He grew agitated with the bag, but knew he needed it at least until it was safe for disposal. He reached in his jacket pocket for his Metrocard, and swiped it through the turnstile before entering the subway system. He waited patiently for the R train counting the seconds with the rhythmic timing he’d practiced so many times. One thousand three hundred and thirty seconds later the R arrived. He chose the front car hoping for few or no fellow passengers. No one was on board and he took a seat. As the R pulled out of the station, he relaxed ever so slightly believing he’d gotten away without any notice. He smiled a twisted grin, but there was no one to wonder what the strange man behind the mask might be musing.

Author’s note: something creepy for Halloween.