Peter Sanderson awoke with a succubus straddling atop. Peter felt exhilaration as he neared climax thinking how great his girlfriend Kate was in bed. He opened his eyes and gazed in absolute horror once he realized what was getting him off. The hideous succubus appeared to be a sinister blend of demon and woman tormenting head reminiscent of a griffin. Peter tried to pull out and flee, but alas the succubus with its demonic shrieks and callous eyes would not be denied its pleasure. Peter felt paralyzed and grimaced in ecstatic agony wishing he could turnover and push his head into a pillow to muffle the pain. The succubus rode Peter hard. Peter feared he would die for sure as level of suffering heightened every time the succubus gyrated. Then just when Peter felt his last breath near, the succubus climaxed and let out an animal yelp of exuberance and explosion of liquid all over Peter. In a carnal poof, the succubus disappeared and Peter was finally able to move. He tried to stir Kate, but she would not wake. He felt like he was covered in sticky liquid. The liquid began to harden like wax across his torso and creep over the rest of his body. Scared and frantic he leaped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

A near caste over his entire body formed by the time Peter stepped under a pouring shower head. Peter quickly scrubbed himself fighting off the stiffening wax. His fight felt futile until he began punching desperately at his stomach where the thickest bit of wax solidified. Following several bone-crushing blows, Peter managed to crack the core of the wax, which suddenly crumbled and collapsed onto the floor of the tub. With the apparent core extracted, Peter was able to peel off the remaining across his body. Peter’s naked body heaved from scared, nervous inhales. He neared hyperventilation before slowing to steadier breaths.

He started to inspect his body. Everything appeared intact, but there were several red welts on his stomach. Distracted Peter didn’t notice the wax reforming around his feet. Suddenly the wax hardened once more and Peter at the pure mercy of the menacing wax lost his balance and crashed hard out on to the bathroom floor taking the shower curtain and rod with him. Wreathing in pain Peter had no time to see where the newly spilt blood on the floor originated. The creeping, stiffening wax ascending up his legs proved to be of greater concern. Uncertain as to how to stop the wax, Peter put his hands down above his knees just as the wax approached. He let the wax take hold of his arms. When he felt a certain attachment to the wax, he ripped his arms off his legs and flung himself towards the toilet.

Peter’s actions freed his legs because his motions caused the wax on his legs to stop solidifying. The wax on his arms and hands became his immediate concern. He brutally banged his arms against the inner bowl of the toilet slowly loosening the wax. The harsh pounding against the porcelain caused the wax to break from Peter’s arms and fall into the toilet. Quickly free, Peter flushed the toilet as fast as possible. The bulk of the wax went down. He turned to see the remaining pieces of wax start to reform on the floor and in the shower and rush towards him. Knowing that the remaining wax would put up a fight, Peter scooped up the bits from the floor and tossed them into the toilet and flushed once more. Then he turned on the hot water for the shower to temporarily stymie the leftover wax in the tub. The hot water steamed and forced the wax to slowly melt down into the tub’s drain.

Peter backed away wondering what was going on. He ran his fingers through his hair and noticed it felt slick. He inspected his hand and reeled backwards at the sight of blood. Peter yelled to Kate for help, but received no response. He turned to look in the mirror. His heart raced as he saw that his bangy brown hair was soaked in blood. Worse still, he’d somehow neglected to notice that his face had been covered in wax save his eyes, mouth and nose. The thic k wax formed a smooth shapely mask akin to a glow-in-the-dark skull. Peter instantly began punching his face; striking blow after blow until the wax crumbled, freeing his face from captivity. Despite, the blows, Peter’s face remained free of noticeable wounds. His dull green eyes looked unusually lucid and horrified as if the greens of his eyes fought restlessly to stay encircled leaving a trail of bloodshots over the white surfaces to the crevices leading to his eyelids. Bags drooped under his eyes towards his slightly bent nose leading to his puffy lips and strong stubbly chin. In the other direction worry lines sunk deep into his forehead that usually lay behind his bangs, which stayed overhead matted in blood. Peter inspected his bruised body in the mirror and wondered what had happened. Did he really just battle hot wax after being fucked by some she-demon?

A trembling rumble came from the toilet. Peter stepped back from the mirror while the toilet shook violently. It looked as if the toilet would crack up from the tiled floor, but then the shaking stopped. Curiously Peter leaned over the toilet to inspect. Instantly a solid slab of wax shot forth from the toilet smacking Peter in the face. The force sent Peter high against the wall before he fell and crushed the flimsy magazine rack below. The wax fell back into the toilet and somehow flushed itself. Peter’s jaw ached. He put his hand to his face and felt a large break in his jaw-line left of his chin. Blood squished around in his mouth and his jaw locked from the force of the blow. He screamed in muffled agony, but he could not open his mouth. It felt as though his lower teeth had pulverized his canines and smashed into his upper gums. He slunk down onto the floor uncertain as to what would happen next. After several frightful moments, he collected himself as best he could given the situation. He tried to exit the bathroom but slipped on the blood-slicked tile floor. He fell hard on his knees and hands. The quick jarring motions shook his broken jaw violently and he felt a new piercing surge of pain, which he could not even mildly relieve with a cry since his mouth remained fixed. Blood filled his mouth and he felt as though he was drowning in his blood as the small trickle escaping his mouth was not enough to expel the gush of blood flowing inside. He began to choke and gasp for air.

Fighting off excruciating pain, Peter managed to force the blood-flow up through the holes in the roof of his mouth and out his nostrils. This created a continuous oozing of blood pouring out his nose. He breathed through the small opening left in his mouth and out his nose with the blood. It wasn’t enough and he felt his body grow weak from a lack of oxygen. In a rash moment, Peter decided he had to create a bigger opening. He slowly filed his fingers into his mouth and then pried his jaw ajar causing a new level of intense pain. Tears of blood streamed from his eyes and his mouth hung agape. His jaw felt entirely unhinged. Everywhere he turned Peter saw blood as it flowed freely from his mouth. At least he could breathe, but then a new weakness from a loss of blood slowed his flight from the bathroom down to a weak crawl on all fours into the bedroom.

Blood poured over the white carpet, as Peter crawled back towards the bed where his girlfriend Kate lay fast asleep. How had Kate slept through everything? Peter pondered as he finally reached her and pulled the covers from her body in an effort to wake her. Kate did not stir. Peter began to shake her to no response. Peter checked for a pulse and a breath. The vital signs were gone, and Kate would not stir. Peter freaked and attempted in vain to yell out any form of sensible speech. Instead his muffled mumbles only zapped at his lowering energy. Kate would not move. Peter reached for the phone on the nightstand. There was no dial tone, not even a busy signal. Peter gave up and struggled to get into bed next to Kate. He held her close to him. He lay there helpless clinging to her limp body. Tears developed anew and Peter let the curdling blood well up in his mouth until the blood sealed off his breathing passages. He faded into darkness pondering a swing-set he recalled enjoying in his youth.

Author’s note: something a little creepier for the Halloween season.