Hit Me

giraffe hit meOn a coast in a land down by the beach the waves crash with a mighty roar. A man in a tuxedo sits on the coarse sand alone looking towards the ocean while taking a pull from an over priced bottle of bubbly. Occasionally he takes a puff from a big fat cigar gnawed and wet at the tip. His thoughts run deep wondering why. Toiling over and over again the previous night’s events he cannot find an answer to his actions. How could he have killed that giraffe? 

In the casino the night before the man sat at the blackjack table down fifteen hundred dollars thanks to a bad streak of poorly planned double downs, busted cards and overly cautious stays on fifteen. Sipping on a free scotch and soda, he chewed heartily on a chunk of ice pondering his decision. He had an eight showing and ten underneath, but his confidence has waned and he felt the dealer had a better hand. Hit or stay, hit or stay, he thought. The other people began to grow agitated at his time of indecision and stared at him in disgust. The man remained tranquil, hit or stay. The dealer coughed in an attempt to prod the man into action. The man looked up swallowing the melted remnants of the ice cube. Hit me.

The dealer slapped the card down on the table. Seven. Damn. There went another two hundred fifty dollars.

The man got up from the table in an unpleasant mood and headed towards the bar. He ordered a Johnny Walker Black and soda and turned around to look at the people milling about in the hustling casino. He quickly knocked back his drink and another and another. Noticing the man’s expensive watch and tailored tux a call girl approached him. They chatted to one another for a few moments aware of each other’s deeper motivations for even talking to one another. Hers was money and his was the need to get lucky on a losing night even if he had to pay for it.

After a required amount of dialogue it was agreed that the call girl should go back to the man’s suite. The man popped open a bottle of chilled champagne and offered the call girl a flute to warm the spirits and lighten the mood. Soon the call girl was naked on the bed ready to go.

They completed their business transaction and the call girl asked the man if he minded if she used his shower. While the call girl bathed, the man went out onto his balcony that over looked the enclosed safari park within the casino. There were a number of dismal exotic creatures caged within the park like elephants, lions and flamingos. The man recalled that the casino built the safari park a few years back in hopes of attracting more of a family crowd. But how many decent parents think of taking their children to a casino to look at under nourished creatures from foreign lands.

The man lit a cigar and watched the slow pounding walk of an elephant. Some time later the call girl came out looking refreshed and ready to go back to work. There was the matter of the bill. The man reached for his wallet and pulled out two hundred dollars. That wasn’t the agreed upon price, the call girl said. Words grew to shouts and as the call girl grabbed at the man’s wallet a struggle ensued. The call girl began to slap and punch at the man. Unaware of his own strength the man shoved the call girl away. She ran back towards him and this time he shoved hard. The force of the push knocked the call girl backwards towards the low railing.

Crashing hard into the railing the momentum of the shove knocked the girl over the railing. Stunned for a second the man ran over to the railing as he heard loud screams of horror coming from the flying call girl. The man watched as she fell towards the earth of the safari park. Then a loud bestial noise cried out and the sound of a huge thud emanated throughout the park stirring the other creatures to call out in their various shrieks of excitement.

The man stared at the ground and heard the call girl cry out. She was alive, but in pain. However, the giraffe that broke her fall lay below the call girl dead from a broken neck. Attendants came out to see what had happened and quickly a crowd of gawkers gathered down below. Realizing what he had done the man grabbed the bottle of champagne and left the casino quickly by catching a taxi. The man remained uncertain as to where to go and finally told the cabbie to drop him off at the beach.

The man spent the rest of the night on the beach listening to the waves and pondering his misfortunes. As the sun began to rise the man stubbed out his cigar and took one last pull from the bottle. The man got up and tossed the champagne bottle high up in the air towards the ocean.

A sudden bang from behind came and instantly the bottle shattered into thousands of pieces. Bewildered the man turned around to see two policeman with pistols trained on his body.

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